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Disable unwanted Windows startup programs to speed up boot time
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Many software tools have this tendency to install themselves in your Windows startup without even asking for permission first. This guarantees two things – that the app in question is up and running right from the start and that your PC’s boot time gets longer and longer with every new app. Autorun Organizer helps you to determine which of all those programs require an early start and which don’t, while checking them for viruses in the meantime.

First of all, this free utility can notify you of any new app that decides to install in your PC’s startup on its own. This will allow you to keep your startup clean of unwanted programs once you have decided which of the existing ones stay and which go. To help you make that decision, Autorun Organizer will tell you the percentage of users who have enabled or disabled that same app in their computers, if any of the 60+ antivirus it connects to has found it suspicious, or where the program is installed. Looking at this information and at the overall system load times registered by the program, you will be able to make informed decisions about which programs can be delayed, which can be disabled completely, and which may keep their status for the time being.

Unless you notice some unexpected delays in the most recent system load times, the tool has been designed to become invisible and therefore completely unobtrusive after the first use. The idea is that once you have decided on the programs that need to be active right from the start and those that can wait a few seconds or minutes, Autorun Organizer keeps an eye on any new intruder for you. Just make sure that Autorun Organizer is part of the first group – this way, the program will run in the background to help you keep your startup clean and free from unwanted apps at all times. I can’t but recommend this free utility to anyone who needs or like installing new apps frequently – it will take up very few of your system’s resources and will give you a good dose of protection and some extra ease of mind.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Comes with a clean and informative interface
  • Can delay launch times to speed up boot times
  • You can enable/disable any startup program from here
  • Includes a "check for viruses" tool


  • The antivirus check it provides produces some false positives
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