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Manage Windows startup list and prevent virus infections
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As you install new programs, some of them may automatically be set to start along with the system. As a result, your computer takes increasingly longer to boot up. Autorun Organizer is intended to manage autorun entries so that you can smartly reduce Windows startup time.

The tool is very simple to use. It provides you with a list of startup items from which you can temporarily turn off the undesired entries. It also lets you completely remove unnecessary items. Another option is delaying program execution for a number of seconds. This way, you can reduce their impact during boot time without totally suspending them. Fortunately, these operations can be done in bulk mode, which means that you do not need to repeat the same procedure for each item. The program conveniently shows a diagram that helps you compare recent boot times. Last but not least, autostart elements are sent to VirusTotal so that they can be checked for viruses.

All in all, Autorun Organizer effectively reduces boot time by managing to autostart programs. And in case anything goes wrong, it is great that you can easily reverse changes. However, it has the limitation of having a very specific purpose. In fact, most system optimizers already include similar features.

Pedro Castro
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  • Supports managing batches of startup entries
  • Provides visual feedback
  • Checks autorun programs for viruses


  • It may be unnecessary if you are already using any of the system optimizers available
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