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Check and improve your system's boot times by managing its startup apps
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Checking regularly and optimizing your computer’s boot time not only will make you save time, but it will also help you detect malfunctioning tools, broken links, intruding apps, and even PUPs. Autorun Organizer comes with all the tools you need to know exactly not only how long it takes for your OS to start up, but also which applications can launch a bit later and which should or shouldn’t be there at all.

Far from being a simple autorun manager that simply lists which apps run at startup so that you can enable or disable them at will, Autorun Organizer provides you with useful insight information about the overall behavior of your system’s boot-up routine. The program stores statistics of the latest startup times, which will allow you to detect any unexpected changes and delays, so that you can make the right decisions. Of course, the list of apps that launch as soon as Windows does is also there, but it provides you with features and information bits that you won’t find in the average startup manager. The Comment field will tell you where the app launches from (the Task Scheduler, the Registry, or the Startup folder) and if some delay as been set for it or not. It also informs you about how recently that app, in particular, was included on the list, and if you click on the “Application Details” section, you’ll learn where the executable file is located and its internal name.

You can then perform a number of actions – you can disable the app temporarily, remove it, or simply delay its launch time by any number of seconds. If you wish to delay more than one app, you can use the “Bulk Entries Changing” button to check as many apps as you wish and perform the desired change on all of them at once. Alternatively, you can also add new items to the list. You can know more about a program by checking its popularity, and if you happen to be suspicious of any of the programs listed in terms of maliciousness, you can enable VirusTotal, a free online virus scanning service that will check the app with more than 50 anti-viruses to tell you if that particular program is trustworthy or not.

Autorun Organizer is everything you need to perform a serious startup management. It provides with contrasted information and statistics that will help you take control of your system’s startup, fine-tune its overall activity, and define the way it behaves. This is a completely free tool that should be present on everyone’s desktop.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Provides statistics on boot-up times
  • Teams up with VirusTotal for virus detection
  • Bulk entries changing
  • Provides info about the disable/delay frequency


  • No explicit way of setting up a startup order
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