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Autorun Organizer can manage startup applications and processes
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Autorun Organizer helps you manage the applications and processes that load during system startup and user logon. This is quite useful since smart management of these entries may considerably reduce the time your system takes to be fully functional after pressing your computer’s On button.

The application’s interface is actually very simple. When you start it, the tool scans the system to provide a report of startup applications and processes as well as a history of system load times. Then, it allows you to perform two basic actions. The first and simplest of them is removing the entries you consider unnecessary, although you should be careful as some of these actions can be irreversible. The second action is to disable an application’s automatic load on a temporary basis. Finally, the third action consists of minimizing an application’s effect on startup time by delaying its load. So, when you press the Delay button, the utility can automatically calculate the necessary time so that the chosen application won’t interfere with others. Moreover, you can use customized times by providing an interval.

In case, you want to reverse the changes you made, you can go to the Undoing Changes Center, in which a list of all recent operations is shown. Just by selecting one of the actions listed, you can undo it.

In general, Autorun Organizer is a very straightforward application. However, it may be unnecessary if you are already using any of the system optimizers available, as most of them have features that allow managing startup entries. In this regard, an advantage of Autorun Organizer is that it can modify various entries at the same time.

Pedro Castro
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  • Nice and simple interface
  • It can modify various entries at the same type


  • It may be unnecessary if you are already using any of the system optimizers available
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